HubCon Presenter Applications

What kind of opportunity are you interested in?

If you would like to present a workshop, please provide more detail about your proposal. Note that workshops may be free or a paid activity, depending on negotiation / desire with the applicant. For examples, you may wish to run a free manga drawing workshop for kids; or a paid workshop for comic book art for teens. Gamers may wish to run a workshop related to a board game etc.

Successful applicants will be required to sign a basic agreement that will detail the conditions of participation in HubCon (don't worry, not complicated!). This agreement will outline the details such start / end times; dimensions of space provided and some other do's and don'ts about what can be presented and what can be sold (remember, this is a family friendly event). State below 'Yes, I agree' to complete your application. Good luck, we will respond back by the end of April. Please ensure that you are available either day of HubCon (15 / 16 July 2019) *

Are you an original content creator or a fan with a passion? Artists, writers, creators, gamers and dreamers - this is your opportunity to get involved with HubCon! Through this form, you can identify if you would like to apply for a space in our Artist Alley, a small table in our Collector's market or even the opportunity to present a workshop or take part in a panel talk.

You do not need to be an artist, you could also be a Magic the Gathering enthusiast; table-top gaming fan; you could run a 'zine' or fanclub / society - there are many opportunities to get in front of like-minded people, so make sure you take this opportunity!

For the creatives, this process is open to both professional and amateur fans.

All opportunities are subject to availability, and completion of this form does not guarantee a space. We do however want to provide as wide an opportunity as possible, and as this is the first event of it's kind, we don't yet know how many applications we'll receive. In any case, let us know about you and your work and we will advise successful applicants by end of April 2019.

We're excited to present this opportunity for the many talented people in our region and it's a fantastic opportunity to get in front of fans, both old and new and talk about your creative passion and processes.

Prices for 'Artist Alley' and other opportunities to be announced soon. These will be particularly affordable, the cost going towards the setup and provision of space, in addition to promotion on the website and program. Inclusion in the Collectors market is subject to availability, and a fee will be applicable. In the Artist Alley, you will be able to present your work on the wall space directly behind you, and you can also sell your work if you so wish.

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