Original Content Creators


Retailers & stalls


Are you an original content creator? Artists and writers - this is your opportunity! Limited spaces in our Artist Alley are available for each day of the event, all welcome to apply, especially Blue Mountains creatives!

HubCon is looking for a diverse range of pop culture retailers and independent stalls to help make this event an amazing one for our patrons.

You ARE the Cosplayers that we're looking for! Get set to strut your stuff on the Blue Mountains Theatre stage for an awesome family friendly cosplay event and competition for all ages.

Panels & Workshops

Special guest call-out

Volunteer with us!

Are you a pop culture Brainiac? Share your passion and register your interest in conducting your own panel, talk or workshop. You may be a manga artist, MTG expert or even run a fan club or society!

We're looking for Pop Culture rock-stars to help make this event even more spectacular! Suggestions welcome, they may even be in your family. Give the fans what they want!

Heed the call and become a HubCon Superhero Volunteer! This is your chance to help to make this event the very best that it can be! Register your interest today.

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